We have been busy working on making 2024 the best year yet for Sharon Youth Lacrosse. If you try to register and the limit has been reached, the system will put you on a waiting list. Once the waiting list has enough players and a coach for another team, we can move your registration to an active status.

Program Pricing

Our registration price is the same as last year: $225 plus $40 league fee for the 2024 Sharon Lacrosse season (uniform and equipment are not included).  We also give sibling discounts when you register more than one child in your family.

Similar to last year, Kindergartners will be considered “practice players” and any game time will be limited at the discretion of the coaches and a uniform is optional.  Most towns don’t allow Kindergartners to play but we believe the added experience is helpful for the player’s development.  Registration price for Kindergartners is a program fee of $100 and league fee of $15 so $115 total for the season (uniform and equipment are not included). Please note: a parent or guardian of each Kindergarten player will need to stay at all practices and games to help with bathroom trips, etc.

Please register here- REGISTRATION LINK

In the registration process there will be a link to the merchandise store for anyone that needs a uniform (jersey and shorts) plus other optional swag you can purchase (shooter shirt, sweatshirt…).